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Cortez Technical Forum

This is the place to ask all those mechanical and operational questions about your Cortez.

By 143777 on May 27, 2015
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International Cortez Owners Association

Social Corner. Plan group outings, or just catch up with fellow Cortezzers.

Re: Why not start a new national/international association?
By satx78247 on March 26, 2015
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Buying and Selling Questions

For discussion about buying and selling a Cortez. Please do not post ads here - Use the classifieds Ads page.

sheet metal restoration
By gljorgensen on May 28, 2015
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Questions, comments or suggestions about this website.

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Trip Reports

Tell us about where you've been in your Cortez.

Great Story!
By Moose on May 5, 2010
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    • I have a 1976 Cortez if anyone is interested. Father passed and it needs TLC. vquit

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    43 days ago

    • I just picked up a 1965 Cortez today. Unfortunately it's rusted so bad there's no saving it. I'll probably strip the interior and scrap the rusty body. Dan

    • Also, forgot to add that I recently wrote an article for JEMS Magazine on the restoration of the Columbus Fire Heartmobile, which is a 1968 Cortez ambulance. Dan

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    • I own a 1967 Cortex and wanted verify (before I add any fluid) that the power steering resovoir is located next to the brake resovoir on top of dash. Thanks, Cisco CISCO

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    • Hi, I just inherited a 1968 Cortez, it doesn't run but I was hoping to find someone that would be interested for the parts. Not a lot of information out there. I hate to send it to the junk yard if someone can use it. sherreeh

    • Hi sherreh, just wondering where are you located? Israel

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